Webdispatch Instructions

If you are having installation problems this may be a solution for you


  • Make sure you have administrator privileges on your computer to be able to install the software. If you don’t have privledges contact your I.T. department to install the software for you.

By pass proxy

It is preferable to allow the webdispatch to bypass the proxy server to connect to the internet. Make sure that http://web.justrush.com is not blacklisted on your server or proxy server.


  • Make sure you delete the file proxy.dbf from C:\program Files\Webdispatch 7
  • Then follow setup instructions

However if this is not an option…..


  • Make sure you can connect to http://web.justrush.com port 80.
  • Make sure you can download an .exe file from http://web.justrush.com
  • After inputting the username and password press the proxy button and populate the appropriate fields.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you require any assistance. I would be more than happy to help you over the phone.

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